Our Story

The birth of Otu Umuokpu Anambra, USA Association, Inc began in June 2009.

Otu Umuokpu is the greatest of all female forums in Igbo land.  It is a robust social community in Igbo culture, a functional forum for women. Women in traditional Igbo society have been a force in political, legal, and social issues long before the colonization of Africa.  Otu-umuokpu also plays a significant role in matters such as birth, marriage, death, and other traditional community affairs.  Otu-Umuokpu is a collective of all daughters from a particular clan, village, town, or state, a group of native daughters, daughters of a common male ancestor.  Membership of this forum is the absolute right of all women born of the same male lineage. Even when a woman marries outside the village or town setting, she remains Ada of her father’s community. They are the “daughters of the soil.” 

In all social functions from marital rites to title taking, Umuokpu plays an important role. As an assembly, they are pampered and treated well, or they will raise hell, and no one wants to tango with them.  Communities treat the children of Umuokpu mainly, even though they belong to a different clan or town. If the children of Umuokpu encounter difficulties, they and their families are welcomed to come back to the community as “umu Diana” (children of the citizen). They play a significant role in the preservation and promotion of peace in the communities.

The birth of Otu Umuokpu Anambra, USA Association, Inc. began in June 2009 with the founder,  Adaeze Jenny Ogadi (Nneora), and ladies whose great mission was to unify all daughters of Anambra State in the United States of America and Nigeria and complete projects that will improve the quality of life of our women and children.  

Our mission is to uphold the dignity of our culture and to strive for excellence in the community by enhancing the unification of sisters of a common ancestor by improving the quality of life of our community and creating a more productive society.

The association has branches in Nigeria, Enugu, Onitsha, and Awka. In the United States: Houston as headquarter, Atlanta, Austin, and Dallas. Future branches may be added as the association grows.  To all my Adaezes in Nigeria and USA, “Unu Di Iche! I love you all. We have a mission to tackle, and we shall succeed”.  To God be the glory.”