We Invite You to Otu- Umuokpu Anambra, USA

Community leadership in Otu- Umuokpu Anambra, USA Association is a team business; which entails promoting and upholding our welfare and culture; and which also necessitates bolstering unity, love, and harmony among us. We are not a social club, or a political entity. We are a family; a communion of sisterhood bonded in fatherhood to promote our culture and perfect our community, families, and individual social and economic prospects.

It is my responsibility to join hands with our members to uphold these objectives. However, renewing, repairing, rebuilding, and constantly reviewing our communal responsibilities might come with unforeseen challenges. I am therefore inviting you to join me in presiding over policies that would reconcile our differences and translate our underperformances into complete success.  

I am inviting you to browse our website to learn more about our group and impressive endeavors.  Our induction ceremony is conducted every two years. For those of us who are paternal daughters of Anambra State, I am specifically inviting you as special guests to attend our meetings to resume what would earn you permanent memberships to this great organization.

May God Bless You and your Family,​

Dr. Maria Elioku