Our mission as Otu- Umuokpu Anambra, USA Association is to promote and uphold our welfare and culture, to foster unity, love, and harmony among us.

Membership in Otu- Umuokpu Anambra, USA Association is open to all daughters of Anambra State of Nigeria whose fathers originate from Anambra State. Admission of members is open in April and closes in October of any even year.


Prospective candidates shall complete an application form with a non-refundable fee of $50.00.

Each applicant will be interviewed/screened by the executive members after which she will be   Invited to appear before the general meeting for a question & answer session. The applicant will, thereafter, be entertained and ushered out of the meeting.

A secret ballot shall, thereafter, be conducted whereby ‘yes “or “No “is indicated by members to decide on who should be admitted/not admitted into the Association. An applicant must get at least two thirds majority of votes (66 %) of members present at the meeting in order to be admitted into the Association.

Secretary of the Association will notify successful and unsuccessful applicants of their admission status.

Successful applicants will be notified in writing by the Secretary of the Association, of the following;

■ date of the general meeting
■ time of general meeting
■ monthly/annual dues
■ venue of meetings
■ composition of levies/fines
■ registration fees and when payable
■ uniform cost and when payable
The induction ceremony in the Otu- Umuokpu Anambra, USA Association is conducted every two years. This process and the ceremony are very significant to the organization’s mission and objectives and mandatorily require the presence of both new and old members.

Otu- Umuokpu Anambra, USA Association holds a monthly general meeting every first Sunday of the month except on holidays and extreme emergency weather situations. Emergency meetings can be called by the President as needed. The Association holds 10 meetings in a year, from February to November.